Rebecka Ford

There are those who, in the end, find peace,but there are also those who constantly seek something.  I am one of those who seek their peace within the pixels. I am the ultimate enchanter who keeps her coffin opened for those who want to join the journey of a  bitch witch. If you read these, there’s no need to deny it: you’re already under my spell. I am a slayer, chained only to my nature and still captivated by the mysteries of the dark arts, who never fail to surprise me. I am your ilussion, yet your reality. I am the ending that begins, the answer and the question. Give yourself to me, and we shall live this bloody suffering together in my pot.

   Inworld   xromanticthug Resident

   E-mail   lethalexhale@gmail.com

   Site  http://fortheimmortals.weebly.com

  • Sponsors and Review Copies

   I accept review copies. I post my sponsors with external link to their MP store/ inworld store (same thing applies for the occasional sponsors or review copies I get).

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