Some days

Today is one of these days when I feel like reading a lot of blogs. I came across something by Whiskey Monday. The title is ‘I don’t want to be a fashion blogger’.

See it here:

She says some things about being a fashion blogger. I hope you are patient, because I’m usually not. You do have to read it, though.

My reply was the following:

Thinking about it, I don’t know if I’m a fashion freak as well, though I act like one in some ways.
I agree with you about Fameshed, and some other events. They’re highly comercial. Of course, I’m excited around them, but most of the time I get to be dissapointed. I don’t know even why I tend to be so excited. Maybe because I like waiting, God knows. The stuff they put there is nice, but maybe too nice, as you named it. It’s exactly like RL sometimes.

I’ve decided that I want to change my blog. I started this month by changing my head into a mesh one, I realised after, that it was not what I needed to change. But it is not the first time when this idea comes across me. Take Whiskey’s post as the last drop.

I started Letal Exhale because I like some fashion blogs. I like clothes, I like jewelry, I like changing a lot, buying new hairs (especially that), getting glossy, because I feel that it fills my RL gaps. But what I like the most is taking pics and retouching. That doesn’t mean that I should commit myself to fashion.  I began full of enthusiasm, I ended up feeling it as a routine.  Taking pics for me is art, digging into myself, pushing my limits, not walking on catwalk.

I won’t quit this blog and I won’t transform it entirely. After all, we still need to dress (and that still has a place in my heart)
. It’ll just change into something more related to what I really am.

And in fact, you still have my dear Rayne:

PS: She’ll be back in a couple of days.


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