Snapshot_046 copy

My dear monsters, I’m back to my ugly little head. She might not be the prettiest, neither the choice of my beloved readers, but she is who I am, and I would rather stick to my aged, unperfect head, than staying with some that doesn’t represent me. And so, I am back to my laggy expression HUD, my makeup and my nerves, since it already blurred my avi.Chloe is a good option, if you’re not obssesed with people knowing you from somewhere, and with having a head just for yourself, as I am.

Bax Coen has one of the finest boots in SL. The ones I am wearing are my favorite. Before you buy something from them, you should join their VIP group, as they give store credit with each purchase, discounts & much.

You may read more about it here: http://www.baxcoen.com/bax-customer-rewards-program/

What am I wearing?

Boots   BAX Ankle Boots Black Patent

Leggings   BAX Ornament Leggings Bands

Vest   Dafnis <ButtonedVest

Hair   Truth: Kirby

Earrings   FINESMITH: Truth




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