When you don’t have too much to lose

I’ve read about 200 SL blogs today (briefly), which woke me up a bit. Sometimes I do not realise how many of them are: how many of SL members feel like saying something. But I also felt claustrophobic. I discovered a lot of them written by people I used to work with.  I guess it gave me back the melancholia. Makes me look useless in a way. Why should I continue writing, taking pictures, when there are enough of them? It may be the selfish part of me. After I ended with them, I started to sense sort of a terror, which I’ve never had. I remember that some months ago I said something about the technical part of photography, and how it should be sometimes given away. I was afraid of it, now I’m afraid of the concepts: what if nothing turnes to be as I want, because I’m losing that sort of creativity I used to feel inside of me. After all, it’s all about the nucleus. I think I should stop taking role models. I guess you can’t always transmit, because it doesn’t feel like what you are. I discharged myself, with time, of this ego. Now, I’m trying to retrieve Anne, but it feels like it’s too much around her. I’m seeing a lot of people getting comercial: I’m wondering if I become one of them as well.


Keep yourself alive with Xplosition’s new release. I can’t complain, the ragged dresses have always been on my taste.

What am I wearing?

Dress   *X*plosion DirtyDress (RedLeather)   (NEW!)
Hair   Exile: Catwalk


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