Burn it


There are certain periods with events. Sometimes I’m asking myself if I should tbuy things from a place, now it is a time when I don’t know where to start with The Dressing Room.

What am I wearing?

Dress   ***ArisAris Igs51  Leather Mesh Dress

Shoes   ***Arisaris Igs50 Bohemian Camel  Boots

Purse   (Milk Motion) bicolor fringe bag- blue/yellow (TDR)

Hair   Burley: Bajka




"...she wilfully seeks her own salvation..."

What am I wearing?

Jacket   erratic/vanity leather jacket (50% off) -I regret not mentioning it in the first place, I tend to forget

Pants   erratic/zoey leather pants (50% off)

Hair   Lelutka




They made me sweep the new path, behind the silk blouse, which they did not pick, when they were eating someone’s coma. They screamed, erratic: Indyra.

What am I wearing?

Jeans   Indyra Originals Mesh: Wild Catch Leather Pants- Blog Pack (NEW!)

Top   erratic/amy silk blouse

Hair   Eaters Coma: 19

Shoes   N-Core: COQUETTE Spikes