Asian glimpse


This week has been tiring for me, filled with annoying RL duties and such. I didn’t had a better moment, than this one, to write about what I have been doing. I recently decided to take care of my shop, and as you can see above, I started to put everything in practice, with the 2 tops, worn by me and Rayne.  And this are not the only things I’ve been doing, but I decided to make a post about those pics, since Rayne’s ass inspires me and pushes my artistical limits.

Take both of them from here:


Lelutka has 3 great new hairs, the one you see is called Lilian, and my eyes are satisfied, when they see myself with it.

What am I wearing?

Hair   Lelutka- Lilian (NEW)

Tops   Lethal- Mesh Tops

Panties   ~*~S*H~*~Lace panties Mystic


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