Tears from the moon


Since summer I started to sense an hysteria, that concretized slowly. They were all talking about breast, wondering if they should buy the mesh and if they really worth. Now, they’re talking about clothing for mesh breast, and the designers went nuts with appliers. Most popular, by far, Lola’s Tango, are spreading with the speed of light on the women’s chest. But I refuse to talk about Lola, as they’re far from my taste. Instead, I will be saying some munden opinion about Deviant Lush.

The one who made me buy them is one of my favorite bloggers, Strawberry Singh. I had been staring for a long time at them in the marketplace, but I hadn’t had the real momentum to throw 1k. They were all saying that there aren’t enough clothing for it, and the designers weren’t really encouraging them. About 2 or 3 weeks I saw Strawberry’s post about them, and read that Lola’s appliers go well with Lush. Because of that, I made my mind and bought them.

They are very nice as I expected, but the clothing part sucks. I tried several outfits with Tango appliers, they can’t be worn, especially if you like to have little breast, as I do. Theree are a few outfits expres for Deviant, and most aren’t HQ. The only one I can say I like, is the BOOM set (previous post). I’m really glad to know that BOOM does now for them as well.

If you feel like you want the breast, I think you should go for them, assuming that they can’t be worn all the time (if you don’t want to switch few clothing).



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