I’m calling you

There are few times when I post songs related to pictures, but I get easily inspired by them. For this one, actually, just for the title. When I say ‘I call you’ it always comes in my mind, even if it does or not have something to do with the topic.

Oh, and I sort of moved to Firestorm, because of the pics, they had that horrible strange lines on them. Well, it’s not like with this viewer things are great, but it’s better. I do hope though that I’ll be going back to SL’s viewer, I’ve never been a real fan of other viewers. And I tried everything, but nothing seems to be working: antianalising and so on. Will I ever get rid of them? It’s really annoying. Sometimes it takes me more time to make them disappear, than the actual retouching process.

What am I wearing?

Bra     [AVB] Devotion

Panties     Lasciva -Panties Pulled White Lace

Shoes     Find about them in PK’s 4th issue

Hair     Truth-Nyx

PS: How much I hate time and this hasty posts.


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