Wo bist du?

Some of my shoots turn nice into some new places. Most of my shoots turn as I want in well-known and editable old ones. I’m not a real fan of landscaping, generally. I don’t have a problem si dungeons, and I feel good around modern locations, SF enviroments. But I feel in control in Alirium, maybe because it also has something psychedelic. It has something beyond appearance . It’s deep, concordant and tricky.

The pictures are slightly edited, apart from the certain adjustements from SL. Sometimes I find it annoying, it reveales my inability to adaptate and change. But with time I’m starting to realise how much it matters an unedited captation. Wouldn’t we better start drawing, if we keep imagining different what we see? This reflex of correcting everything is eating, day by day, the pure artistical vision. Beauty does not always mean robotical movements. And too bad feeling does not have a tabel, measurement would be so much easier. When I accepted that I had changed, I started to feel the imperfection of perfection, and how this avidity emptied everything native. It was nice in a way: it did not matter anymore if  I made a mistake. Relaxation and isolation is, for me, the right prescription.

And if you go to Alirium, do not turn off the radio. Things are much more clear with it. 

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/alirium/125/90/21


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