Scream and Shout


Snapshot_2003 copy 2

Today I looked a bit into the marketplace and found this dress from Mimi. It has an ugly prim, but after all they all do. I grabbed the hair because of the discount Alice Project had 2 days ago. I did wanted to post about it, but  SL was killing me, with its graphic problems (lines and white squares everywhere the pic). I did some changes after, now it seems better, maybe also because of the update? I’m not sure, I just hope it remains at least like this.

What am I wearing?

Hair    Alice Project – Steph II

Dress    Mimi’s Retro Outfit


I’m calling you

There are few times when I post songs related to pictures, but I get easily inspired by them. For this one, actually, just for the title. When I say ‘I call you’ it always comes in my mind, even if it does or not have something to do with the topic.

Oh, and I sort of moved to Firestorm, because of the pics, they had that horrible strange lines on them. Well, it’s not like with this viewer things are great, but it’s better. I do hope though that I’ll be going back to SL’s viewer, I’ve never been a real fan of other viewers. And I tried everything, but nothing seems to be working: antianalising and so on. Will I ever get rid of them? It’s really annoying. Sometimes it takes me more time to make them disappear, than the actual retouching process.

What am I wearing?

Bra     [AVB] Devotion

Panties     Lasciva -Panties Pulled White Lace

Shoes     Find about them in PK’s 4th issue

Hair     Truth-Nyx

PS: How much I hate time and this hasty posts.


You know I’ve been changing a lot my shape lately, but you do not know how much I did change my house. I moved from the little Paris apartment to something more picturesque. I rented a land and I just found this Malibu house, full furnished and with low prims, which is ideal. Of course, I did some adjustments, but not something very visible. I wanted to much something fit for Christmas and winter, but it seems my heart can’t just leave the sea.


4th issue


It is settled, the 4th issue will be out around 10th of December, earlier than we thought. I show you its cover, with the lovely Ashley Ferreire as a model.  Keep it close and wait to be surprised.