Gone fishing

Most of you are probably asking why am I such a slow loris when it comes to posting. I’m not busy, I’m never in a real business, I just go with the flow, I post when I feel like talking to something or someone, telling very boring stuff and expressing myself as I can do. I tried to push myself when I didn’t feel like, and it came to nothing. I think it’s better in this way, more sincere. In fact, I don’t have an obligation. The truth is I’m almost always out of sorts…and yes, I regret nothing. So, if someone’s hunting real bloggers, I’m just telling them to count me out. I also don’t have a good bond with the fashion industry and I don’t care that much about releases as long as they are not affordable. I’m mainly poor in SL and I find it funny. First because SL should be a better place than RL (and since August I find it much stressful than RL) and it’s not kinky at all to talk about it. Why can’t I quit it? Because I’m a sado-maso. Secondly, because with my horrible budget I’m half-blogger, editor of a fashion magazine, photographer, model and I even want to have big transactions with it. Yes, living like a boss, but I can’t stop myself from doing some things.

I bring you sun today, because I want.


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