Honestly speaking, it took me a lot to take this shoot. Sometimes it just turns out great in 3 seconds, but there are times when I’m going nuts, finding a place and a pose for it. You know that strange feeling when you’re like paralyzed, trying to think what you have to do next, even though it’s not the first time when you are doing it. But way to go, today the gods were in my favor,and I made something out of this outfit with which I’m enamoured. This new romantic look of mine was inspired by the bodysuit I am wearing, Mirella Bodysuit, which comes with the rose I have between my lips. One of my old fetishes is the cleveage, which, sadly, I do not have it with this skin, I’m sure it would have looked much sexier. Speaking of skins, I hardly credit mine, but if you’re looking for it, I’m now telling you that I have Alena from Pink Fluel, and I realise that the way I look now is the way I imagined myself when I joined Second Life. I almost miss my noobish period, when I wanted so much to get here, but at least I know it can get better, so who knows how noobish I will see this look of mine after a while. If I ever regret something, that thing would be that I don’t enjoy too much the present moment. Anyway, back to our black & white sheeps, the tattoo mask is more like a makeup, and you can pay a very small price for it in the marketplace. I also have Listen from Elikatra, which you may still remember from some rpevious posts.


What am I wearing?

BE Designs: Mirella Bodysuit- Valentine’s special. Red
Glamorize: Victoria Vamp Lace


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