Desert of my soul



I’m pretty skeptical when I hear that a well-known clothing/hair/skin/make up designer started to do, apart from what he does very well, something different. Glam Affair counts too, when you see that it started to do some mesh dresses, even though they are just 88L’s. But today I took the bull by the horns and I bought Suri Deress, and I can’t say I’m dissapointed. Dont get me wrong, I don’t mean that multifunctional and multi-talented doesn’t exist.

Suri has a good texture, metallic colors and enough sizes to fit you. I think it worths the price and you can also find it at Collabor88. You can also try the demo if you’re not sure about it, by the way.

Also, Elikatra has its last day of 70% discount!


What am I wearing?

Hair: Elikatra- Listen

Dress: Glam Affair – Suri Deress




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