Vague Sensations


When I take an Autumn shoot things become very personal. I’m not sure if it because of its cold that implies, because I was born in October or other things, but certainly I feel confident about it, and I can sense the results. It’s a great feeling, for those who are photographers and retouchers, to see a  work of them with which they are satisfied, especially when they imagined things differently. At least for me, I always start with some opposite expectantions, and it always turns out to be something new.

I am wearing a lingerie from Etiquette, just 10L$ for this babe. I have found it on my dusty inventory while I was sorting my clothes, and it brings me a lot of memories with SL.






Desert of my soul



I’m pretty skeptical when I hear that a well-known clothing/hair/skin/make up designer started to do, apart from what he does very well, something different. Glam Affair counts too, when you see that it started to do some mesh dresses, even though they are just 88L’s. But today I took the bull by the horns and I bought Suri Deress, and I can’t say I’m dissapointed. Dont get me wrong, I don’t mean that multifunctional and multi-talented doesn’t exist.

Suri has a good texture, metallic colors and enough sizes to fit you. I think it worths the price and you can also find it at Collabor88. You can also try the demo if you’re not sure about it, by the way.

Also, Elikatra has its last day of 70% discount!


What am I wearing?

Hair: Elikatra- Listen

Dress: Glam Affair – Suri Deress




Something that we always love to hear is the word “discount”. So, for the safeness of our money (well not actually, just saying), Toxic has for a while all the items at 50L$. I don’t know for how long, but I suggest you to take a walk to them, there are some nice things. I already regret just taking this sweet green dress (which you don’t see too well because I didn’t had a great cap with zoom), with a very soft scarf  on the neck and also some gloves and leggins (but I preffer it this way, classy is better). But anyway, the main idea is to take your cart, run there and take everything that you can get.  I just realise  that I should get back myself and grab some clothing, it always happens to me, and everytime is on the period of events and discounts. Oh, by the way: apart from tops, dresses, jeans, they also have some good shoes.

Where have you been?

I’m always here, actually and yes, it’s been a while, but at least I’m telling you that the 3th issue is on it’s way. There’s much to talk about, like the fact that I’ve been changing houses again: I’m up now, with Amy as my neighbour, and I’m still not satisfied with what I have! There’s never enough prims for me, so I’m thinking to stop having a home for a while. Another thing is that I kind of lost my appetite for photography this month (no, I’m not quiting it), just that there were few moments when I said ‘I’m in a great mood for it!’..I feel like I’ve been bitten by a tsetse fly, always tired, apathetic, and I don’t want to blame the weather, Autumn’s damn fine for me.


Changing the subject now..I *heart* hairs! I’ve always been in love with them, but this month I kind of got crazy, throwing my money on wigs. For the beginning, this is my Morticia-like style: I got for the first time a dark pack (I always buy “Light Blondes” or “Natural”) and I already miss my sweden color, even though sometimes the phlegmatic look kind of fits me.



Exile: Already Gone