Releasing Products

I started August in a pretty good note and I hope that nothing will change, at least for this month (please God, keep it this way, I deseprately need a graphic card, a monitor and some other tiny things-which actualy they aren’t). I am feeling fresh and ready for a new start, changes (I think I need to skip the obvious, that I’ve been changing the blog) and I kind of feel more inspirated, so there will be a lot of thematic shots for a while, if my pocket agrees.


For the beginning, I have 3 new products. Delicacy bra, just 9 lindens to make you feel desirable and confident. Give it a try:



Rose Lingerie: has something sophisticated, reminds me of arabian seams, in a way:

And the last, but not the least, Apple Dress:

Speaking of releases, La Fleur has opened a shop inworld, and I invit you to visit it:

You can find more about La Fleur straight from the source, on Amy Pond’s blog:




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