Pk No 1

And finally, after a lot fo hard working, we made it! We have our first fashion number!


Looking for models

Paradise Kiss is seeking for models for its magazine project.

In the first numbers, if you will be accepted, you won’t get any reward. But, if you want it just to add another photos and things to the portofolio you will have to have the followings: HQ skin, beautiful shape, HQ clothing and hair.

Write to us if you want to be part of it:



Black Heart

Took a visit yesterday to The Cube Project, LEA23, which is, for the moment, one of the best places for my ideas. Had some annoying problems with the light, I love that now I am able to have higher graphics with shadows, but sometimes it’s incredible irritating to find the right angle for a perfect frame. And, when you don’t, you have to stay hours in PS to fix everything.

What I am wearing

Donna Flora- Candy Dress

3636- Lila (Pose Hair)


What can be better than getting something HQ at a good price?Passion4fashion has this extremly nice dress at only 10L. I don’t know what others think, but for that price you can’ find something like this so easily. I don’t have a lot of festive dresses on my inventory (even though I’ve always been in love with them), because apart from shootings I don’t actually need them, so spending little money it is what I need.

What I am wearing
Passion4Fashion – Petal Teal Luscious High Slit Gown

Rockoil –  Burlesque Black Heels

Magika – After